About Fluke

Captree fishing for fluke on the Captain Whittaker

Fluke have a spotted skin that changes from an olive color to light brown based on the bottom composition that allows them to blend in with bottom of the bay. They are bottom feeding Predators hunting for Spearing, Squid, Mud Crabs and Sand Eels. Unrelenting hunters, Fluke will feast on most any smaller fish including Baby Sea Bass and Sea Robins.

The Crew of the Captain Whittaker is always Ready to help Net your Fish!

Fluke or Summer Flounder come to the Great South Bay to spend the summer before migrating to the Carolinas.

The meat of a Fluke is soft white flake with a delicate taste and texture. Broiled Fluke with a little olive oil, lemon and salt is mouth watering delicious. The Captain Whittaker crew will filet your catch, for you to prepare a delicious fresh dinner.

Captain Whittaker sails everyday, twice a day, from Captree State Park.